piinkprince: just a question like this!! How would you plan on buying Enchanted fawn if the reservation period is over and they don't seem to make any more?? I can't find any on sale either :x

They still have some in size S on their Storenvy shop here: http://haenuli.storenvy.com/products/4826050-enchanted-fawn-jsk-fawn-color

Otherwise I just check the egl-comm-sales live journal blog or lace market until it comes up second-hand. That’s what I’ll do when I eventually have enough money for AP cat tea party :3 Hope that helps and good luck!


I got a free perfume sample.
Today perfume「Vaara」 PENHALIGON’S ♥

I can see myself giving in to buying a Haenuli dress on payday… But which one? (Swan lake OP/JSK or Enchanted Fawn JSK)

I am so tempted but it’s £150 and I’m supposed to be saving my money ;_; what to do…

Chanel pre-fall 2013
fluffyrabidkitten: Sorry, I didn't see your response since I don't follow you. Black would definitely work with the dress. You could also coord it with a dark brown, or possibly beige? I would ask someone else for their opinion too, just to be safe.


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